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Monday, July 7th

First off, happy B-Day to Phil.
Best wishes to him, he's an awesome, talented guy (and girls, he's still single, hee hee).
In his honor, I have drunk one glass of white wine plus two glasses of champagne. Woooooooo!
I need a proper drinking icon.
I guess tea will have to do in the meantime (see? Zhao looks unhappy it is a non-alcoholic drink).

On the subject of yesterday's post about copy-pasting and storytelling, here's a good post written by jdalton some time ago:
Eh, he explains it better than I could, so I'll quote him.

Our crew has been asked at work to push funny ideas further.
My brain doesn't do funny on commands. It just...surprises me sometimes.

The drawing funk may be slowly lifting, but it doesn't mean I will have brilliant ideas.
Let me post some Water Tribe pages now, since it looks like I'll be busy trying to be funny in the next few days.

Sign the drawing funk is lifting up- I had fun drawing these! Hee hee. Don't expect to always have completely layed-out pages like that in the future. That's just silly old me.
Marker spirit statues are loosely inspired by Shinto religion. A very weird, bastardized and totally wrong version of Shinto, but that was the starting point.
Tags: comics, water tribe, zhao
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