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When you don't have a car... have to beg for rides. :(
My first carpool idea for going to San Diego Comicon fell through, as Phil will probably need to work and may not have a lot of time to go.
Still need to ask a few people at work if they don't mind having me around for the trip (if it fits their plans too). The train is not an option, as I have a bit too many boxes to carry.
Unless I take the train, then ask someone who is going to go Thursday to bring me the rest of my boxes
That could be Plan B.

Ideally, I would like to be there on Wednesday, July 22nd for Preview night, so as to be able to help at the Flight table.
If carpool is possible, I would split the cost for gas plus pay for lunch or dinner (choice of the driver).
Barely two weeks left to make this work. Sounds like plenty of time, but I don't like taking chances at the last minute.

I love Avatar webcomics. There are many out there that are a whole lot of fun to read. Doesn't matter to me on the skill levels of the creators (everyone is at different stages of development or learning in their drawings and writings) as long as the effort, fun and passion of doing it shines through. It then communicates to the reader.
There is one out there.
At first glance, you go "whoah!". That's a whole lot of effort that went into it: all pages fully colored, etc...etc...
I will not comment on the story.
I will not comment the grammar.
I will not give my thoughts on the use of photos for backgrounds.
I will not comment on a lot of things (even those that make me go WTF?), but there is ONE thing I must say:
To anyone doing comics, or learning to do comics, please please please never EVER use so many copy paste images!!!!
I don't care if you resize a detail, I don't care if you just change the expression ever so slighthly to make me believe it is not the exact same image, copy paste abuse will create dead, stiff pages. It takes the reader out of the story as the repetition jumps at them.

I am GLAD this story exists, as Wan Shi Tong so nicely explains:
library tegaki

I almost fear that it may disappear from the web one day. Someone must save all the pages for posterity. It is unique, in a way that I want to point to people: please, do not make comics this way!
It may go fast, but it is lazy. Lazy lazy lazy.
If I may say one thing: what this artist-author should have done is have only one illustration once in a while to support the text, not full sequential pages.
And someone to spell check the text.

Still, I hope the author-artist will have learned a few things along the way in terms of storytelling.
It can't all have been wasted, right?

I have saved one page for my own files. I never want to lose that one. It is too perfect in pointing a lot of things that are wrong in terms of a comic page.

Sorry, I needed to get this off my chest.
I know, I'll end with some more Avatar webcomics you may not have seen yet.

First off, Pink Canoe, by Hot-Choc. All silly, nice and cracky, rough pencils throughout, definitely fun inducing.
There are links to all the other pages on the artist comments.

This very nicely made two pager by CD007
Tags: comics, sdcc
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