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It's Canada Day, eh?

Funny how being far away from one's country actually revives a certain sense of patriotism.
Not that I ever was a flag waving type of person. But darn it, I do miss home.
(Thank You Radio-Canada for allowing me to listen to you on the web...when it works).

Thanks to halcyonjazz for posting this a few days ago.
Careful, may be catchy.

Just one week ago was also St-Jean Baptiste day- or the National celebration of Quebec.
In celebration of Quebec and Canada celebration, some music, sketches and stuff from home.

In french:
Claude Dubois et Natasha St-Pier: Laisser l'ete avoir 15 ans
(no video value, just the song)

Quebec comedy group RBO makes fun of the Beatles
Also RBO- This one may offend some people, but darn it, I still love it <3

Pierre Lapointe- Le Colombarium (music video)

Les 3 accords- silly Quebec group with sometimes weird, funny lyrics. Chose this video because of stereotypical Quebec clothes and some snow, ha ha!


In English:
Arcade Fire, and their interactive video Neon Bible:

The Kids In The Hall- Too many funny videos, but that's still one of my faves

Rock And Rule- an old animated film. Not that many feature length animated films were made in Canada. I remember seeing this one on television and being totally fascinated.
Two scenes: first the club one - spot the moose!
Interesting bits: there are TWO versions of this film: one had a new voice for the main character, Omar. Changes of dialogues, added bits of animation, all for the American release.
For some reasons I don't know, the canadian version wasn't accepted by the US broadcasters.

I guess Triplettes of Belleville would count: a lot of the production was done in Montreal (and elsewhere...but darn it, it's still in good part canadian!)
M, the singer in this clip, is french (France).

Continuing with animation, how about the good old National Film Board of Canada?
I'm adding Black Fly. Though the setting is North Ontario, I come from the northwest of Quebec and I know about Black Flies! Gah!

I could keep going on with the canadian stuff, but I better stop there. We've all had enough? Yes? No?
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