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Sunday, June 28th

I've sent out 8 boxes by mail yesterday. Would have liked to send more but I raided the post office of their small boxes until they ran out.
Eight was all they had.
I'll raid another post office this week on my way to work.

Remember: if you have drawn a gift art for the book, send me a mailing adress where I can send you your copies. Contact me via PM, DA notes or email for those of you who have it.

This afternoon, have to draw something not Zhao or work related. How's that for a change?
Guess I'll put some Water Tribe pages up before I do that.

...this is all I have to show.

If Aku looks a bit uneasy in Panel 5 of the second page, it is mostly because of Li-Yi's casual tone. The man talks about punishment as if he's talking about making a sandwich for lunch.
That's the way I hear it in my head.
Third page is all cramped and has no atmosphere. Dialogue is Blerg.
I keep repeating myself these are just notes- get the information out.
Not quite out of the drawing funk, but it's a start.
Tags: water tribe, zhao
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