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Monday, June 15th

What to say, what to say...
Saw "Moon" this weekend (thank you again Clio for the ride! So appreciated). Ah, what a breath of fresh air in the sci-fi genre of recent years. This is not a special effects movie (oh no it's not, ha ha! The exterior moon shots were cute...especially if you remember Space 1999). No, this is more of a psychological, thoughtful, questioning film.
Definitely worth a look. The pace is slow, but never boring.
My brain got corrupted by Hollywood though.
Every time I made a guess as to what would happen next, I was wrong. Whatever edge I had at deducing what would happen next in a movie or a story has been dulled.
Not that I was ever good at it. My mind is full of cliché.

Before I move on to what I consider the last few acts-ideas, thought I'd have a bit of fun by...making you work.
Well, only if you want to, of course.
See what I said above about cliché? I keep feeling I'm reusing boring ideas. Blah! Déjà-vu and all that. Oh, I'm having fun with it, but it could always be better.
At work, the most fun is the brainstorm moments for sequences, when people throw in ideas.

So throw ideas at me - just a line, a few words, of stuff that could be happening within Water Tribe. Could be from the past, could be the present. Could be just Zhao, just the kids, Zhao and the kids, other characters that have appeared so far.
Keep it short and simple. Don't want you to waste too much time on this thing (not as much as I do!)
I'll make a few doodles from the ideas that really spark in image in my head.

Ground rules though: do not go beyond this point in the story. From now on, things will be happening fast and won't be filler.
Do not use the Avatar and his gang- they're busy with their own problems elsewhere. It's a big world.
A bit of Zuko or Iroh is okay.
You can also bring in random characters that have appeared in the episodes.
I mean...what if June was hunting for Zhao, hmmm?
How would that end?
*Arluk, shut up!*

Though I have a few possible endings, maybe one of these idea input will either make me decide on one OR maybe spark yet another alternate ending.

On a last note about "Moon"- after I had seen the trailer and decided I really wanted to see it, I discovered the director was...David Bowie's son. I knew he was in that industry, but had never seen any of his work.
Good job Duncan!
Or Mr.Jones.
Or both.
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