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Celebrating small victories

Overtime hours paid off. Got the scene finished on time, did my pitch today and the only revision was to add one drawing.

Got confirmation email of my Amazon refund.

One more rush tomorrow and I can have a quiet weekend (unless another unforeseen rush happens).

One more little thing.

It's been announced that there will finally be a follow up to the serie "Mysterious Cities of Gold". Two more seasons, the next one leading the cast to Asia.
Not too many details at this point, as the serie is slated for a 2011-2012 airing.
For years, I was hoping for a follow up! When the serie ended, the characters promised each other to meet again in Barcelona in a year. It took over 20 years to happen!
I wonder if the cast will be the same? I wonder how much of the original look they will keep or if they will update some designs?
*happy squee!*

Mysterieuses cites d'or

(Gah, Esteban! Why must I always make you fugly?)
I should remind myself not to get too excited. There have been false start on such a production before. Apparently, the time is right. According to an interview, one representative mentionned MCOG was perfect: high competition to try and grab viewers by bringing them back to known properties, the return of '80s cartoons popularity.
Hey, it explains a lot of Hollywood films.

I wonder if they'll re-work the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.


Jun. 12th, 2009 06:35 pm (UTC)
By that time, the Inca empire is in shambles as the spaniards keep making trouble.
I can't remember if the people they meet is the Maya or the Aztecs. They do find ruins of past people which may have been the Mayas.
The Olmecs are not only a dying race..they are the "ancient astronaut" (i.e. aliens), so ha ha! They are having fun with the whole thing. They even meet the Amazons warrior women.
And hey, if they can have a giant, solar powered flying condor shaped plane, I say anything goes. It's pure fantasy, mixed in with history.
Jun. 13th, 2009 03:18 am (UTC)
I guess the Maya, since the Aztecs were not in "ruins." I mean, the Aztec empire fell in 1521, and then the valley of Mexico was conquered by Spaniards.

LOL The Olmecs are astronauts? XD LOL
(BTW: They like, disappeared, over a thousand years before this story takes place)

I'm curious XD
I wanna watch

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