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I'm out for BLOOD!

More specifically, a book editor's blood.

Couple of weeks ago, while building my reference library of egyptian book, I spotted a title that seemed promising on Amazon. Read the description, seemed to tackle a lot of subjects. Alright I think, let's get it!
So I don't know the editor- first though was "oh, this could be a university title, like that other book about the evolution of temple of Karnak that I got".

It is basically a book scam. Here's how it works.

Let me quote from page 4:
"All texts of this book are extracted from Wikipedia.
Please be advised that nothing found here has necessarily been reviewed by people with the expertise required to provide you with complete, accurate or reliable information. Some information in this book maybe (sic) misleading or wrong."

Not only that, but the editors did not even bother removing arrows in the middle of the text, arrows that indicated that the following word used to have an internet link to further articles. It makes for extremely clunky, distracting reading. Imagine reading an entry on "Amun", and every time the name "Amun" appears there's a little arrow.
There are plenty of other little problems with it which I won't get into right now. These are the most obvious.

There is WORSE!
This company is publishing a flood of similar types of books! I've seen the iceberg, not just the tip!
Their formula: Take text from wikipedia as is - print as book form asking for loads of money, run to the bank laughing.

I've sent an email to Amazon, but I get the feeling they won't do a single thing about it.
I'm just afraid people will shell out their hard earned money for this...this...useless waste of paper!

I don't know if copyrights law could do anything about it: these are information taken from an open source. There are no true authors per say.

Here is the book:
As mentioned, Alphascript publishing has many many MANY other similar books.

I have to admit, the best mistake I've seen so far is a book supposedly about Georgia (Eastern Europe), with a picture on the cover of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

There's also a guy leaving positive reviews for these books.
Must be working for that company.

It's a book scam.
Someone is making money out of this.
And I gave them some.
I've learned my lesson.
I will see them disappear off Amazon!!!
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