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That yo-yo feeling

Totally overslept this morning, ha ha! Hadn't happened in a while, usually my internal clock wakes me up around 7am. Didn't help that I totally forgot to set up my alarm last night.
On a good side, I slept really good.

The timing was good too- work has been going between extreme rush and sudden drops in workload. It was pretty quiet this morning, so no one missed me. I still called in to say I'd be a bit late. Better safe than sorry.
We're approaching another big deadline, June 19th. I expect much rush in the upcoming weeks.
I'm grabbing whatever slow moment I get as a breather.

Must be the mellow mood at work today that inspired these two pages.

I just want to slap Zhao into some action- you're softening up too much man!!
But first, I'll have to give him a bit of blast from the past. The kind of past he doesn't remember.

Nauja's boy (still nameless as I type this) has developped a taste for cooking. No bad pun intended.
As for the girl, I kept thinking of the stupid stuff Canada did to their native populations, uprooting their kids and forcing them to forget their customs. They'd be put in certain schools and forced to learn our ways, dress up like us, the whole thing. Forcible assimilation.

Our governor general ate fresh raw seal heart. Apparently, it is very tasty. The carnivore in me is curious to taste seal meat. I wonder if I'll have that opportunity one day.
Enough rambling, bed time. And this time, I'll remember the alarm clock.
Tags: water tribe, work, zhao
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