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The final countdown

(ok, how many of you have started humming the song?)

26 days to go, to go, and my time here will be done. It is starting to hit me hard, seeing as the team I'm in are entering their final storyboard corrections. One left, to make pretty and nice, to "make it make sense", in my favorite quote from director Giancarlo Volpe.
I'm already sad at the thought of leaving, of seeing colleagues leave for other contracts. I know I keep saying that the animation world is a small one, but right now, it feels vast enough and I know I may not see some of these talented folks again.
I will have to come back here for the wrap up party in August.

In the meantime, I will make the most of it.

Still playing with Avatar AUs. The one on DA is coming around slowly, as I am struggling with a few panels. But I should be able to update there soon.
For the moment, the Zhao pages are flowing more easily. I wonder why.
Two more for tonight- and more talking talking. Believe me, I edited these down as much as I could. 


Zhao's plan...this guy is actually looking to cause trouble and conflicts, despite his apparently sensible arguments.

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