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So where were we?

It has been a while since I've posted anything water tribe related.
In a way, I guess that's a good sign. Working more slowly on it means I'm starting to disconnect and finally move away.
Sorry Zhao. Gotta move on. But I'll try to at least sketch a few more things, since darn it there's some fun ideas still roaming inside my head.
it just takes too long to get there though.
The bit that I've drawn up, though necessary, is not very fun story wise. I don't know, there's something missing. Blah!!!!!
I would consider this a first idea throw that could be edited in time.
Not that I will have time to think about it much further.

Enough rambling!

Since it's really been a long while since last post, I'll re-post some previous pages before moving on.

Big reminder: the chapter started with the guru:

Then Zhao in a FN prison, planning to get out...

I guess I added in Nauja's kids because I loathe loose ends (though I can live with a few).
Dang, I can't come up with good names for Nauja's kids. I had a few which I've trashed after a few tries.
At the same time, I feel way too lazy to write them up...except when they'll start interacting with Zhao, soon.
It's just not going to go very well, hee hee!
Could I have written this story without them? Possibly. At the same time, they do become useful later on for a few plot points.

Ok, enough. It's the end of the long weekend and work tomorrow. Time to get sleep.
Tags: water tribe, zhao
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