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Movie stuff

Saw an advance screening of UP this week (yay, thank you Clio!), and really liked it. Personal taste makes me prefer it to recent previous Pixar films (Ratatouille and Wall_E).
It's a sweet and fun adventure. All the sequences with the dogs are my favorites. Go see it!!!!
I will go again, possibly for the screening without the annoying 3D glasses. Makes the picture blurry when images move too fast.

There's a new Harry Potter trailer-featurette that has gone up on the web. Ooooooh...makes me want to see it even more. It's going to be daaaaaaaaark!

Last, but not least, first released pics of Dev Patel and Noah Ringer as Zuko and Aang in the upcoming Last Airbender movie. You may have seen these on the web already, but just in case:

Movie Zuko
Zuko knows how to make fun outdoor bbq.

More Zuko

Oops, looks like no pony tail and a slightly smaller scar on his face.
Guess daddy went easy on him.

EDIT: After comments made below, I paid more attention to the soldiers helmet. Despite their LOTR look, it does have a look that's fire nationy:


Movie Aang
I get the feeling the set may be Northern Water Tribe. Just because of the wavy lines on the structure of the bridge. The original design had a lot of influence from Venice in a way, so it may work.
Didn't know they had electricity, ha ha! Those bulb like things on the bridge look lit up.

Guess they must have a hydro electric dam.

Ok, nothing film related, but my friend in Montreal (Saskia, hello!) made me discover this fun online cooking show. I am not much of a cook myself (that's an understatement), but the style of the Food Commander makes me want to try recipes.
The site:
The YouTube episodes:
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