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Ha ha!

Much love for silly dreams! It had been a while since I had one (no, the repetitive end of the world one I had this week, though very very cool, doesn't count).

In that dream, different people from DA and LJ had gotten together to make the ULTIMATE FANDOM FILM!! (yes, all in caps)
I only remembered a few names popping up involved in it, like kkitty. The basic idea of it was to take every fandom possible and make one huge silly story with it, changing the characters ever so slightly.
There were Transformers, Thundercats, Teen Titans and, of course...

Super Monkey Zhao!

Super Monkey Zhao! Shirtless, of course, with lots of body hair. Plus, he could fly...until Starscream shot him down. Boooooh! He had that really weird proportion and looked more cartoony.
(quickly doodled during a work break)


A few dreams later on (after waking up over and over), I had very clear images how Water Tribe ended. Different than from what I had imagined...almost tempted to go with that one. Why should I say no to my subconscious?
I'll let you in on it when the time comes.

Dinner break and back to work.

Let's hope for more silly dreams tonight.
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