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Ever so slight delay

Due to the amount of work during the daytime job, looks like I'll be sending my Water Tribe files a bit later than I thought to the printer. Not by much, but to anyone who generously offered to do gift art, I'm extending the dealine past this upcoming weekend:
the new deadline is


It's good until midnight. After that, I have to start putting all the files in order asap.

Specs are: B&W only (greytones are fine), final size will be 5"X7,5" but you can draw bigger- it will be resized, with a minimum of 300DPI for a nice quality.

Apart from that...erm...nothing much, really. Spent Easter working- didn't mind, kept me busy. It's not as if I have any family around to celebrate any little holidays that come by (and the friends that are close by have their own plans, which I won't crash).

Finally getting around to watch the Battlestar Galactica serie- just went through the first season and am having fun.

Gotta work on new WT covers. I want something simple and more graphic.

EDIT: There's a Tutankhamen exhibit doing the rounds in the US- would love to see it again, but it looks like I'll be missing the Dallas dates. It ends on May 17th!
But maybe I can still make it.
It is also going to San Francisco at the end of June.

I got to plan a weekend trip for this, whichever one I may choose.
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