rufftoon (rufftoon) wrote,

I'm nitpicking this thing to DEATH!

Been working on tweaks and fixes of the Water Tribe pages every night (when daytime work was not in the equation) and getting to bed way too late for my health.
It feels like on every page there is something wrong. Something I could tweak. An eye that's off, volumes all wonky, nose not properly name it! It's all there! GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Have to learn to let it go, even when knowing it will never be perfect or as nice as I'd want it.
I guess that's also why I never like looking at stories I've drawn after a while. It's too late, I can't go back to fix it when it's printed.

I want to apologize if I have not commented back to everyone. I will try to get to you during the week.

On a good note, I've already started receiving guest arts for the book! Yay! You guys are totally awesome!!

At least two people have already posted their contribution online (that I know of- if you do post it online, let me know and I'll give everyone a heads up):

One great pic of Nauja by Pretty-Angel on DA:

And one by Mike Maihack (artist of Cow and Buffalo) who did this very sweet, charming and funny pic, inspired by one short scene from chapter 1:

Thank you again!
And again and again!
(now off to bed- just before midnight, yay!)
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