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Jumping into cold (water tribe) water.

Apologies for the lack of updates. Nothing much happening once again, who wants to know about my overtime. Yeah. Nothing too exciting. I better not make too many all nighters, my body can't take it too well anymore. You young people out there cherish that ability!!

I've also been posting like crazy on DA the final pages for part 4, tweaking and fixing as I go along. Not absolutely everything that got suggested, but a lot of it. Many thanks to everyone that commented, it helped me looking at some pages differently.

Reasons why I want to be done with the corrections so soon is...well, I think I am going to collect all the pages and have them printed.
Two books, manga size, 240 pages each.
None of the two actually have 240 pages, but I wanted to have some space left for a few notes.

Should I do a sort of quick resume of the important points of season one of Avatar? Perhaps also a short explanation of the end of the war? Just to help set up any reader who may not know too much or need a refresher course for the casual viewer of the serie.

Should I hint as to what could happen afterwards with the story, or let it end the way it does right now?

Once again, I would also ask for your help for guest art, if anyone is interested. All I can offer is a copy of the books for payment. There won't be a lot of copies available. I'd also need the art fairly quickly, by April 18th at the latest.
(B&W only, final size will be 5"X7,5")

I'm thinking of making people donate blood or bone marrow to get a copy, ha ha! How's that for donation.
Ok, it's all silly. But there is a possibility I would put these up when there are fundraisers for a good cause or something.

Trying to go to sleep early tonight. I need to seriously think this over.
It's all insane I tell ya.
La nuit porte conseil.
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