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Haven't posted here in ages.
I have nothing much to write about. My life is pretty mundane and boring. The only thing I watch on tv is Lost and that's it (catching a few cartoons once in a while, or a documentary or Animal Planet...)
Worked a lot, worked some more, pretty much did nothing but work. Can't talk about hush hush projects so...yeah.
Did go to a very nice wine and cheese last weekend (thank you Mandy!)

Finished re-working chapter 3 of Water Tribe. Ouf! Clocking in at 222 pages. Need only to tweak a few panels in part 4 (really wonky ones or bad cuts, nothing to the level of the reworks of part 1 to 3).

Zhao Greatness
(card given to me on Valentine day by my roommate Phil- Thank you Phil! <333

The last bunch of pages for part 3. Will post them soon on DA. After that, since there isn't really that much changes to part 4 I will upload directly on DA and not here. Not going to repeat myself that much...

Some changes in some pages, tweaks in dialogues. I think I can live with the version (though I'll never be completely satisfied.

It fits perfectly to put some part 5 ideas here, as Zhao is pulling a reverse firebending unlocking, inspiring himself from what happened to him.

No, Zhao will NEVER waterbend.
Though the good doctor may have wanted him to, it's physically impossible.
About time Zhao starts to make his move. So far, it was just stuff happening to him- time he gets some control back!
But there are still shenanigans going on behind his back.

Time for me to sign off and go do boring things like the laundry.

Hoping everyone else is having fun.
Tags: my boring life, water tribe, zhao
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