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Another year

Yesterday (saturday, June 2nd), I celebrated my birthday by going to someone else's birthday party: I share the same day with very talented Khang Le (and 10 years separate us! Eeep!). Hehe, if I'm around next year, I should return Khang the favor.
What can I say- I don't make much of a celebration for myself.  I just take the time to stop, think what I managed to accomplish so far with my life.
Though there are a few things many friends are married and have a family...I'm still glad of what I've managed to do so far: working in a field I love, a few very nice trips, make wonderful friends.
And I'm making realistic plans as to what I hope to accomplish in the future (so no trips in space for me, dang!). 

On Friday, Avatar-Mom from stopped by the studio with an armful of Appa plushies: I now have an APPA PLUSH DOLL!
He is so *cute*!!! A thousand thanks to her!
He looks good beside my Zhao action figure :D I'll try and post a picture of the two soon.
EDIT: my lovely roommate Phil just got me a Settlers Of Catan game- Thank yoooooooooou! Much love Phil! *heart* Addictive board game if there ever was one :D

What else did I do during my birthday? Why, I doodled of course!
More Zhao water tribe rough pencil ramblings.


Forgive Zhao for being's the first time in years he manages to speak about this whole mess with someone he thinks is his ally...
Rough pencils, plus some graytones added 'cause it felt mighty empty.
These will not be posted on DeviantArt- gotta keep something to post about here and not repeat myself all over the web.

Tags: appa plush, avatar the last airbender, birthday, zhao
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