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Annie Awards

Last night was held the Annie awards (awards for animation productions, both tv and feature productions). Avatar won in the two categories it was nominated. Go Joaquim! You did splendid work not only in the finale but for the whole serie (the blimp battle between Zuko and Azula in Southern Raider? Brilliant!).
Also very glad to see Robot Chicken grabbing a few prizes too, and very surprised (though pleasantly) to see Kung Fu Panda sweeping almost everything. Sorry Wall-E! Loved the robots and their interactions, didn't care as much when humans were added into the mix. Personal preferences, ya know.

Elsa garagarza, background artist supervisor, storyboard artist, did the latest Avatar comic in Nick Magazine, all around awesome person, has done a very nice online interview. Reposting the link here. There are examples of some of her stunning bg work.

Just replace "Oompah band" with Zhao, and voila!
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