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Oh Noes!

Wouldn't you know it...haven't even finished the first Avatar AU, when another one sprung up! Augh! (severe severe Avatar Brain rot- I need surgery!)
And that means working on two, three, four things Avatar related at the same time! I have no life.
Ok, so I did go see Pirates of the Carribean...meeeeeeeh.
But there is ONE bit of the film I loved- the first time we see Jack Sparrow again: I mean, that nose shot, and all the others afterwards.
I want just these scenes on a DVD. Forget the rest of the film! Just these scenes.
And at least, got to see the Transformers trailers on a big screen. Woot! Ok, it's going to be a "leave brains at home movie" but what the hey! Giant robots fights! 
And if anyone can tell me which one it is that does the roller blading attack on that bus gets a cookie...or piece of cheese. Or Dark Chocolate.
See, that's the problem with that Transformers film : I don't recognise half of these!
I also would love to see the new Satoshi Kon movie "Paprika" It is playing somewhere around LA. Maybe I can convince Phil (current roommate) to take me with him to see it. Oh, and there was also this Naruto movie trailer. Kinda curious about that.

Anyway, returning to Avatar stuff (are you people tired of that yet?)
That Zhao water tribe thing took hold of my brain. Dang it! I'll try and keep this short, by putting up thumbnail pages but other times just story notes with doodles.
First two pages, just a basic set up of "what, where, wtf is going on".
Yeah, Zhao managed to get an actual job there, that didn't involve the overkilling of small animals
(reference to this:  )
(and can you believe I already doodled the last panel on a piece of post it? I tell ya, that whole story unfolded in just one walk to work).


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