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ITunes is weird sometimes.

Was listening to a whole bunch of music tonight, and asked ITunes to get some missing album covers for fun.
For the Q-Essential Dance album, I somehow ended up with the "Essential Ganesha, ten verses of devotion"
I'm going to keep that in mind: "Woke Up This Morning" by Alabama3 and "Tension" by Orbital are considered devotion verses XD

I tend to listen more to the news or documentaries when I work. Music can distract me a lot sometimes. It can make me stop working because it conjures up other images in my head that wants to be drawn.
Sometimes it's perfect inspiration. From the soundtrack of Last Exile, the track "Naval Affair" was inspiration for chapter 4 of Water Tribe, when the airships first arrive over the oasis and the city.
Makes me want to do an animatic based on it.
Great, like I need another project.

New pages as promised, to better set up the fact that Zhao's firebending will come back to save him at the very end.

First panel of 200 and 202 have a very similar angle. In real life, they'd be separated by a page so it may help against the feeling of repetition.

To end the evening with a smile, listening to "Particle Man" by They Might Be Giants.
I'll be going to sleep with that song in my head.
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