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I can't resist.

I swear, Obama becoming president felt like watching some european coronation celebration with parades and stuff.
We certainly never treated the canadian prime minister that way. Not that we'd want to...not with the choices we have, ha!

Finished the official Avatar comic work for now. Hesitating taking on more, since the workload will most probably increase until at least mid-March, time of the next big deadline.

Over the holidays, I watched Atanarjuat, The Fast Runner. Not a movie for everyone: close to 3 hours long, very slow pace. But I was fascinated enough by it to go and buy a copy. Based on an old inuit legend.

Surprised in his sleep and trying to escape murderers, a completely naked Atanarjuat flees for his life running over spring sea ice. It takes stamina to do that (no wonder he runs fast)!
It also gives Arluk ideas.

Arluk's Revenge

Started reworking the old chapter 3 of Water Tribe, as most of you have seen in the last post. It forces me to still have Water Tribe on the mind. I am weak and have no will, so...
This is how I think I'd start chapter 5:

...but with just enough of a hint of things to come.

Ok, I just wanted a reason to draw Guru Pathik.
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