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Didn't do as much as I wanted during this long weekend. I was trying to think of ideas for the day job but came out dry. Still working on that page and two panel of Avatar comics (should be done tonight). Took a break to go see "Valkyrie"- not that I cared much about Tom Cruise (meh, whatever) but having read about that time period I wanted to see how it would be retold in movie form. Overall- pretty darn good! It's kind of like Titanic: you know how it's going to end, you just want to see if it is well told. The Germans in WWII had the best uniforms!

Water Tribe chapter 4 may be done (though I feel like I will return and tweak a few things there too, thanks to Skylark and his comments...I may not follow them all, but darn it sometimes they are totally right and I MUST fix!), but I still have the polishing of chapter 3 to do.
Backpedalling to older pages, which I will post on DA tonight.

I will make some changes right after. Expect one or two new pages next post. I remember the comments some of you have made, how I should better establish the fact that Zhao's firebending will return just before the end. I'll reactivate it during his fight with Yueh though it won't last. At that moment, his firebending is still very much self-defense activated. It really only starts up again after he's been rescued.
Guess he needed the cold shock.
Or maybe it was the Ocean.
Spirit business...I wonder how much I can get away with by using that excuse all the time.
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