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Let's do this!

I waited until I had all the pages for the epilogue before posting them.
In which I try to wrap up a few loose threads.
So, without further ado.

So I'm evil: either it's a cliff hanger or an open ending when I finish pages, ha ha!

The one thing that I had been asking myself from the beginning was "Why was Zhao saved in the first place?" If the spirits had a task for him, what could it be?
Arnook guessed right- the spirits need to move. They need someone that's all brawn to make his way though anything, friend or foe. Zhao was put through a few tests to check he'd be good for the task. He's not perfect, but in the end, perhaps they want someone that could be...expendable when the time comes.

So what do I have planned next?
First, finish the corrections on part 3 and post these on DA. Then post the rest of part 4 on DA (with a tweak, here and there, but nothing of the magintude of part 3).

Do I end Water Tribe forever after that? No. As my roommate Phil so rightly pointed out, I'm addicted!
I will not do work on the level as has been done so far. I plan to do sketches, notes, maybe even pages of what would happen next. I mean, there are a few things that could be fun to tackle:
Is Zhao going to escape the fire nation? Does he even know what he's supposed to do?
And will we get to see Arluk's revenge?

I need to move on, I need to return to Horus.
But Zhao is a harsh master and demands attention.
Let's face it, he's fun to mess with.

On that note, goodnight. It's late as I post these, and I need rest for the work ahead: daytime work plus comic work at night.
(P.S.- I can't believe I did over 400 pages of these. In a way, it means I CAN do as much if not more for Horus! Yay!)
Tags: water tribe, zhao
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