rufftoon (rufftoon) wrote,

I must be doing something right. I think.

Work hasn't contacted me yet (knock on wood. Watch out next week! In the meantime, been relaxing, eating good stuff. Yum raclette!!Damn you cholesterol for one whole evening!
(it involves a lot of cheese and good cold cuts- we had bison and viandes de grisons amongst other choices). Veggies too of course.

All the good stuff may explain the weird dreams I've been having.

First few nights, high anxiety dreams, one featuring zombies. I don't dream often about those. Good, 'cause they tend to be super silent sneaky and creepy in my dreams. Had to sleep in trees to escape at night.

No dreams about work or school. YES! Those are boring.

Last night, loads of fictional characters just appeared. Some kind of weird reality shift, where everyone was trying to find their way back home while fighting bad guys. I was only a spectator to it all, but I don't care. These three were in it!


It was really a short sequence when all three were there, but it was like the perfect team of kick@$$ guys working together.
Weird dream logic info: Zhao is foot ticklish. Ha!!

Would have loved to do a doodle, but really not set up here (parent's place) to do anything worth posting.
And the long epilogue for Water Tribe?
Currently clocking in at 22 pages.
I may cut one page or two, but I don't know if I can in terms of timing. It's like a whole comic by itself!

I'll stop boring you with the non-drawing stuff. Wishing everyone a happy new year in advance!! May 2009 bring everyone fun projects, plenty of inspiration and peace of mind.
Tags: dreams, food
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