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Birthday wishes!

Happy Birthday wishes to two wonderful people: Raina Telgemeier (goraina) and Dave Roman (yaytime) ! 

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend (for the US anyway). As for me, got to go to work everyday (saturday, Sunday and Monday). Gotta make it count, this is the last storyboard officially I am going to work on. I may help on another one, we will see. 
The end is neeeeeeear! *sob*
On a happier note, we're having a lot of fun at the studio, gathering a bunch of us together almost every friday night for drinks and sillyness. I'll be missing those.

On a not so different topic (still Avatar)- had this awesome short dream last night triggeredby a random comment read somewhere, written but I can't remember who sometime ago:
What if Zhao had survived his encounter with the ocean spirit and was found by the water tribe. Thing is, he totally forgot who he was. 
Fun fun dream, though a bit short. 

Quickly doodled this morning upon waking up.

And more Zhao- just cause he is turning out more fun everyday ;)

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