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Got annoying back pains from sitting badly at the drawing table. It gets better when I get up and walk around.
My stomach is having weird hiccups moments. Not fun, but they happen less if I eat less. 
Stupid health- and it will only get worse as I get older *sigh*
Much work this weekend, so no escaping to the mountains with friends.

Ok, enough moaning and complaining. 
More Avatar (woot!)
Got this idea brick some of you know about- sending a younger Iroh to the North Pole and conflict with the waterbenders. He does get one ally at one point...
Can't get into the full details right away, as I'm still juggling stuff around, but I did draw one scene...that is NOT even going to appear in the story.
Fun to draw, but totally totally useless and breaks the flow. Much too silly too. So it will be edited out. Posting it here so it's not totally completely lost forever.

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