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Counting the days.

Middle of May- this is it, I'm almost at the end of my contract. Barely a month left, then I will have to pack up everything (how the &?$%$ am I going to do that! I'll have to buy one extra luggage or something). 
A lot of people at the studio are starting to leave for other contracts too. I'm sad to see them all go, but happy they managed to find other work so promptly. Wouldn't happen in Montreal, not these days. *sigh*

One night this evening, I crossed path with one of Burbanks little seen night critters- a rat, just before going on to the overpass. The little thing ran right in front of me...and my first thought was of the upcoming Pixar film "Ratatouille". 
Man, animation does corrupt the brain!

In Avatar related things (cause you all know I still have Avatar Brain Rot), I couldn't help but fall into the chronology game.
In a recent interview given by Mike and Bryan, they mentionned Firelord Azulon being 95 at the age of his death. Which means he was pretty old already when he fathered Ozai. Iroh looks already pretty old compared to his younger brother, and may have been between 25-30 years old already when Ozai was born.
I decided to stop the chronology game there and not try to untangle anything else.  I'll let other folks play the chronology game with the kids of Ozai and Iroh.

Got more serious work to do, after all (yeaaaah, right).

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