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Finally, it is done, the tale is told.
I've fought the urge to go and answer some crits people may have with the finale. It is not my place, and it would just escalate in a war of opinions. No stories are perfect, but if overall it's been fun and you want to see it again, then it's all win.
There are things I would have done differently, there are edits that were done that overjoyed me. It all balanced out.
So much love for the Zuko, Azula fight- bravo Dean for a wonderfully boarded sequence, and the music..ah the music during that fight! I WANT A %&#@ SOUNDTRACK SO BAD!!
Did I like the finale? Was I satisfied with it? Yes on both.

And at last, I can claim loudly my love for Actor!Ozai and his theatrical overacting. Love love love!

Now that Avatar is done, I can continue with part 4 of Water Tribe. Woohoo! It's been a while since I posted anything about it. Need a refresher? You can always start reading part four from the beginning again here:

I'm also reposting the last two pages ( because I don't have any fancy voices saying "previously, on Water Tribe):

And now, moving forward:

The following pages are mostly set up and exposition for what will happen later on. I hesitated on a few sequences, but thought they'd be useful. You'll be the judge if they were superfluous when it is all done.

I can now continue updating Water Tribe part 4, but I still need to rework part 3 here and there. So expect, once again, posts of the two chapters.

Tomorrow, I'm starting the new job. Very sad to leave Nick once again, and slightly nervous for what will happen next.
Also, comicon this week. What timing!
There won't be a lot of Water Tribe pages getting done in the next week.
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