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Since I'll be home all weekend...

Don't really feel like going out, not with my little mishap that happened this afternoon (see previous post), I may as well be productive or something.

Took me a while to do these: last weekend I worked, and I actually re-retweaked some of these pages more than once. Sometimes, just one panel that was frustrating me.

I remembered past comments, and decided to follow the suggestions and added one page before Zhao lets out his frustration. It probably works better.

Avatar starts again this Monday on Nick! Season Finale in ONE WEEK!
And I'll finally get to post new Water Tribe pages. Though I may have to put spoilers warnings, for those few people who won't be able to see the finale. I need to work on them, make them pretty :)

Excuse me, I need to go put some ice on my upper lip. Trying (and succeeding) in keeping the swelling down.
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