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Jugglin' away

As always, thinking of doing too many things at once. I'm even waking up earlier than I've ever done in years, with ideas and projects rolling inside my head. Kinda annoying, for me who likes to sleep so much. Oh no, maybe it's another sign I'm getting old! I'm sleeping less and less! And it's true, my birthday is coming up in less than a month now. Hmmm... since I'm away from home, what shall I do to celebrate? More drawing? Heck, possible overtime that weekend anyway. Heh, at least on this project, it is almost possible to plan which weekends are unavailable or not.

What's going on inside my brain? Why, more Avatar stuff, of course! I tell ya, Avatar rot on the brain:
Want to do an evolution of Iroh, based on the visual clues given in the show. No teenager image possible, though Isaia at Deviant Art has done a version I absolutely adore:
Or here:
Much love, as always, to her beautiful art. Perhaps I could ask her if I could adopt her young Iroh...with full credits to her, of course!

Would love to do the same with Zhao, though the image of him as a young soldier is not very very clear during the one flashback.

Want to do an Iroh story, even if just in rough form. 
Need to work on the more official stuff too, and that is definitely my prirority.
Also continuing with the Alternate History on my spare time. New pages uploaded this weekend on DA, the latest one being here:
Just keep clicking next page uptil 41, the last one posted so far. Getting nearer and nearer the end, yay! I will do this :D

Here's hoping I'll manage to sleep ok tonight, and not wake up at 4 am, unable to fall back asleep again.

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