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Hellos, goodbyes...

First, hello to the few new people who started watching the blog. A word of warning to these fine folks, you will notice a certain...erm...focus on Avatar, The Last Airbender. do not worry, I am not completely insane.

Yesterday (Saturday, June 21st), we had closure on the Avatar project. One last get together with everyone, one last goodbye. One last party, one month before the finale gets broadcasted on Nickelodeon (Saturday, July 19th: the last four episodes as one big movie!). It was wonderful to see everyone, but very sad. I'm certain we will cross paths again (animation IS a small world), but will something like Avatar ever get done again in North America?

I guess I can still keep having fun with the Avatar world, manipulating Zhao's destiny.

All stuff you may have seen before. Not really many new pages coming up, one or two maybe three at most until we get to part four.

Tags: avatar, water tribe, zhao
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