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Tired, perhaps slightly stressed as the "heart bumps" are back. Staying away from chocolate, tea and alcohol (boooooooh!).
I find myself more exhausted and not answering every comments...again. So once again, apologies everyone if I don't reply. Be assured I do read all your comments, and they are all appreciated.
(I'm either lazy or energy deprived...or both).
Haven't done much since returning from Montreal. Did see Kung Fu Panda this weekend. The 2D part is simply gorgeous to look at. The rest of the movie is loads of fun too! It has a lot of heart, and I did care for the characters, which I find doesn't happen too often these days. I must be getting old.
(I did like "Horton Hears a Who", mostly because of Horton and the weird and freaky little Katie creature )

Focusing a lot on work-work, and Water Tribe is chugging along at its own, slightly slower pace.

In the next part, I'll be adding an extra page. Zhao's sudden burst of exasperation at his predicament felt a bit too rushed. So once again, slowing down the pace a bit.

I am continuing on part 4, while waiting for the finale to air (barely a month away now!). I may not have as many pages as I wanted ready to have a huge page dump entry. But still...
Zhao and Kug
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