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Back to the grind!

Back in Burbank after a too short visit in Montreal.
Saw a few friends, way too quickly.
Saw the doctor (all is ok, so far, but I gotta stay careful)
Much good cheese was had, and I swear I gained 5 pounds in 1 day just because of that!
Bah, I'll be back to walking and watching what I eat again.
I guess I must still be jet lagged or something, as I will fall asleep at work really fast. I keep getting up and moving just to get the mind working again. After I post this, I'll go and crash in the bed and possibly fall asleep before my head even hits the pillow.

So let's post!

I'm at the point where I am literally nitpicking drawings. I should slow down and post some pages as is in the first version. Yet, I can't help but go back and tweak!

Much love and hugs for these nice folks, who gave me gift arts <3
All so very appreciated, I can't repeat it enough.

From foxysquid, a beautiful Nofret
From alexds1 on DA:
To err on the side of a nake Zhao is not erring at all. It makes the world right!

And from Psychoe (who also has an LJ account, possibly the same nickname, but my brain just decided to shut down so I'm taking the easy route), another very nice Nofret plus Horus!

Big huge thankees also to my friend Saskia in Montreal, for absolutely everything, and to Phil who surprised me with cheese and old framed Bowie record sleeves decorations :D
Tags: water tribe, zhao
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