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Small update

A bit tired, one paragraph of storyboard left to do, which I should (I better!) be able to finish tomorrow, plus some corrections. I'll be leaving for Montreal on Tuesday, staying until Sunday. Timing couldn't have been more perfect, as I was told that my new script was slightly delayed and I would only have gotten it this Friday.
(Mike, if you want some copies of Water Tribe, let me know and I'll bring some- we could meet on Thursday?)
Stomach a bit iffy, will be going to bed very very soon.
But first, you know the drill.

What with work, I was only able to rework 3 pages. Very slight tweaks and polish.

Plus, little Cintiq sketch done at work-
Horuk with baby Nauja
a very young Horuk, with his firstborn child, Nauja. He was only 17 when she was born, and didn't really do a lot of work raising her, leaving all of that to his young wife.
He may have been a bit unsure how to handle babies, especially girls.
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