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Avatar invasion!

Aw man, all I have on the brain these days is Avatar, Avatar, Avatar. I'm trying to figure out other stories, and these characters come right back at me and attack with force. This time, it's Iroh.
Got a story idea yesterday while walking, something short and sweet, inspired by recent talks at work. The moment I got my hands on a piece of paper, I put down one idea that was very clear. Got to draw the rest now, get it out of my system.

Small changes for the Alternate History: instead of posting the pics here, I will simply give the links to the gallery on DA. I'll save the space here for exclusive tidbits running around in my brain.
Basically, there are three stories that are solid in my head about this alternate universe: the current one, the duel with Jet and going to Ba Sing Se to find an earthbending master for Aang. 
An idea doodle note about that (will not appear as is, this is just the way for me to note ideas down):

Also, in Ba Sing Se, we get to see those crystal caves again- I will be playing with the whole Katara and Zuko stuck in a cave...again. No Zutara stuff, though some may see it that way ;)
For the pages done in the Alternate history, you can start with the very first page:
Or continue where we left off:

And now that this is done, off to groceries then to work...and more Avatar (I am  trapped! I can't escape!)

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