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Mini sketch dump

Trying to finish the board- one page left, but lots of stuff happening in just that one last page.
Looks like a bit of work this weekend.
aliwildgoose stayed two nights last week- really nice to have some visit (and having Avatar geeking out is fun, but we did talk about other things, like comics...ok, still geeky!)

For Water Tribe, slow work on that this week. Barely done anything due to focusing on work. Still, did some sketchies on the Cintiq when I needed to take a small break from penguins.

Some short notes on Lao- just a few thoughts of his past. I usually don't develop side characters that much but he's been insistent. Besides he will return a bit later in part 4 (can't get rid of him).

Lao character notes

This old song crept up on me by surprise- and I just couldn't get that image out of my head
Car ride

Obviously not Zhao's music style. What does he like to listen to anyway (except for Fire Nation patriotic music)?

Must try and focus on penguin work...must try...
Must draw penguins!!
I half fail.
At least there's a penguin in that image.
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