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It's hot. Really hot. And I know it's not the worse of the summer heat yet. I'm just waiting another 30 minutes or so before going out for groceries (gotta walk there!).
My roommate was really nice, and got me an AC. Thank you Phil! I'll be able to sleep and work in my room.
Speaking of work, had a good productive day yesterday at the studio so I took today off.
Maybe I should have gone to the studio for the powerful AC though. Ah well.

Mostly tweaks once again, plus some panels I reworked for one of the page. Should read better now.

There's a lot of shots of Lao's boots, Ha ha! That's just starting the silly song "Shoes" in my head all over again.

Big thank you to a few people who did fun and nice Water Tribe related creative things. Makes the whole heat bearable:
The only two people who possibly have very low flirting abilities, and somehow it works!

This is going to look totally awesome- and the little Zhao doll? So perfect. Perfect for voodoo spells too, ha ha!

Aww...Very sweet. They're not fighting for once.

Alexds1- who not only did great illustrated commisions, but did this funny pic of melting Nauja (so hot!).
I probably missed a few. Sorry about that. They are all appreciated.

Talking of heat, time to grab my courage, some sunscreen and walk to get food.
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