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Back to the regular program.

It's Water Tribe time!

Only 3 pages, a bit too tired recently to do too many pages.

Discovered yesterday someone started a Water Tribe LJ community. Beh?!? I remember the idea being mentionned, but seems like someone went ahead and did it. Ok, sure, why not. Perhaps it will help to gather them all in one place, sort of like DA but for LJ. I'll just roll with it. I'm a bit surprised...and also touched and shy about it *blushes*

alexds1 did a hot, shirtless Zhao- too hot, I just had to share:

Original on DA, send her some love!:

Lastly; today as a warm up exercise, I started doing doodles of movements, and it just twisted and changed into this. Scrolling action! Click for much bigger and readable format.

That last one is for Alessandro, who likes to throw girls in pools.

Off to sleep now. Eyes closing. Dreaming of shirtless Zhao...yum.
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