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Back from NYCC- had an absolute lovely time with everyone!
Many thanks to Raina and Dave for the couch space and the great company. Hope I didn't make you stay up too too late last night.
Huge hello to Ali, Foxy, Rawles and all the other people with onscreen names I know but can't remember right now, Ha ha!

I will not repeat all the Avatar info that's swimming all over the web - they are all pretty easy to find now, especially if you visit the big fan sites like , DongBuFeng or the different Avatar LJ communities.

Many thanks to everyone who came to visit us at the Comics Bakery and came to the panel on Friday. Your presence and participation was extremely appreciated. It will be fun to keep celebrating fan creations, especially after the serie ends.
I mean, after that, that's pretty much the only Avatar thing that we are sure will keep going on at least until the movie. So if we want our dose of Avatar- yay fan creations!!

As has been announced, Avatar returns and\or finishes in July. That means that part four of Water Tribe will take a break until then.

I'll be mostly focusing on the reworks of part three. I'll also keep tweaking part four.
One of the thing I shared with Foxysquid and a few others this weekend is a tiny upcoming scene- Zhao, trying to practice his firebending in a tunnel of the old mines (might as well share with everyone else).
His problem is, even though he has learned the firebending basics when he returned to the fire nation, that's about all he knows. Now that he's back, he has no way to learn more firebending so he experiments. Using his observations of waterbenders, he tries to find moves that work for firebending. Not always...successful.
He's certainly not as talented as Iroh when it comes to find new moves based on another technique.
What is fun is doing the research: this is a bit like doing work on Avatar- watch moves, break down poses for reference. Don't be surprised if you see me using these:

The trick will be to find the right poses. These will obviously not animate, so finding a move that is strong and shows the movement will be the key.

Before I forget!
Foxysquid has given me a wonderful gift: the completed version of her fic "Two Spirits"- an AU of my Water Tribe AU (maybe we'll get an AU of an AU of an AU soon, haha!)- it is awesome! I do hope she shares the final chapter soon, when she is ready.
Thank you again!
Another beautiful Water Tribe gift- a drawing from Aimo, that her friend brought to me.
gift art
Aaaaaawwwwwww! Almost makes me want to write fluffy stories. Almost! Aimo, huuuuuuge thanks for this.
Really, I am very very touched by all these. My heart is melting from all the niceness <3
Or maybe it's the lack of sleep. Ok, early bed for me.
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