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So many things to do:
I got the Water Tribe mini comics, and I have sent half the comp copies to people who participated for the gallery. I'll be sending the rest next week, if all goes well. I think I forgot to contact one person. Oops! That's my brains for you. I always always forget one thing.
Which I hope I don't do tonight, as I need to finish packing up for the trip to New York. Gotta bring some Avatar goodies, work, games (eh, it's a long flight).

Had to do overtime this weekend in the hopes of finishing the storyboard I was working on early this week- tough luck, I finished tonight at 7pm. Ah well, at least I finished it! Not that many corrections, but a lot of little time consuming details to add, including coloring some elements so they'll read better during the animatic.
The little heart skips were back- they are definitely more frequent around deadline time, so definitely stress related. And stupid me, I went and ate an espresso chocolate last night. Stupid! Chocolate, like caffeine, makes the heart more jumpy! Idiot idiot idiot!!

I hope all goes well at NYCC- I'm actually rather shy, and I hope I don't make a complete fool of myself at the panels on Friday and Sunday. Eeeep!!!

I just know I'm going to forget something...

alisa_tana asked in a previous comment what Nauja's clothes looked like. I scratched my head, realising I only ever drew her in her coats. What's underneath, I tried to figure out. That's not final, just a first concept. But one thing for sure: layers!!!
(which, if you were serious about making it into a costume, I would definitely get rid of a few layers or else die of heat...or you only wear it outside when it is cold)

Nauja's clothes

Aw man, I'm late answering comments again! I have to catch up on that.
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