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More page reworks.

Getting slightly tired and overworked and slightly low, mood wise. I'm really falling behind in answering emails-letters-comments and I feel bad about it. Doing an experiment this weekend, seeing how fast I go trying to clean up storyboards on my computer at home. It's no Cintiq, but...*eyes little Wacom tablet*

Posting some more reworked pages for the Water Tribe AU. I'm starting to wonder if I should stop posting these here, especially since I am getting to a point where it's just some polishing (some new pages this time, for easier read).
Maybe I'll just upload them directly to DA, and keep the space on LJ for the final part 4 (which hopefully I'll continue soon- come on new episodes!!). It would confuse people less, instead of jumping back and forth between chapters.

Some polishing, some pages added, letting some panels breathe more. I will try and not redraw everything. But Lao wants me to prettify him!!

Tags: water tribe, work, zhao
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