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And that's why I'll never write prose.

Posting more Water Tribe pages- updating the fourth part in which Azula tells Zhao a bit of his past.
It was hard to write- trying to find the right words, the right tone to convey the right ideas. Gah! It was a struggle on just a few comic pages, imagine if I ever was forced to write a novel!
Never ever. Couldn't do it properly.
I admire people who can write prose.
If you have suggestions on how to tweak-edit some of these, your opinions more than welcome, as always.

42 pages for just part 4 already, way over 200 pages with the reworks.
Insane insane insane.
And I'm not done yet. Even more insane.
Though I have reached the bottleneck: now, I have to wait for the season 3 finale to air, or else things I want Azula to say, or how she would act-react wouldn't work (and it may give spoilery hints- not good! You readers are too smart!!).
So I'll be focusing on finishing reworks for part 2 (expect a few extra pages) and tweaking part 3.
It will also allow me some time to figure out how events will unfold for part 4: there's a bit of juggling back and forth I'll need to do.
I realised I'll need to introduce a new character- a Water Bender. His role will be little, but since he'll have a few lines, I started trying to figure out how he'd look like. Did some sketchies...
kug sketches

I can't wait for this story to be out of my system. After that, I can go back and focus on my own comics (until another insane idea hits me).

I'm off to get something to eat now!
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