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Couldn't resist.

Updating Water Tribe, part 4.
Once again, jumping back and forth between re-works of older chapters and new one.
I'm actually having a bit of fun illustrating a bit that is basically just dialogue. I guess because it is finally laying down the cards for the last act.

Touching upon something that was bugging me a little bit- how the Northern Water Tribe learned metal work. That's the history for this AU anyway...

Next, we will have Azula sharing a little history too.

I'm actually reaching a bottleneck of sorts. I'll go with it as far as I can, but expect me to put the updates to part 4 on pause. It is due because the other half of season 3 episodes haven't aired yet, and there is a line in one of Azula's upcoming dialogue that may give a very small hint.
I am not about to underestimate the hardcore fans of the serie. There are some pretty sharp minds out there that can make the links between A and B.
So no possible spoilers, I'm afraid.
(and no, I still don't know when the serie starts again- but if they want to air episodes before the next DVD comes out, there are some pretty good calculations made out there- just nothing official).

Did I mention I was going to New York Comicon in April? Still need to get a few last things finalised. Like transportation.
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