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Wednesday, February 20th

Still not finished with the board (almoooost there), and I already got the new script. Augh! Tomorrow, recording of the voices, friday a quick meeting.
I can finish this. Soon. Soonish.

Would you believe that drawing the Water Tribe pages is a form of stress relief? It feels like it anyway.

Starting some big reworks for part 2-

I'm not quite sure if I've handled this new part too well- I don't want to turn Zhao into...Zuko (he'd never forgive me!).
But I did want to focus a bit more on how his firebending is dormant. It does influence a lot how the rest of the story unfolds.
Talking of dormant, I should go and get some rest now.
I'll be working on the cover for the mini comic in the next few days- formatting the pages, etc...I'll update again afterwards.


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Feb. 21st, 2008 08:23 am (UTC)
Love the reworks! That moment of trying to see if waterbending would work was fantastic :D Argh you make me love Zhao more with each passing moment ;_; He didn't seem like Zuko either, theres a lot of strength in the angry/ shouting pages that doesn't bring Zuko to mind at all.
Feb. 21st, 2008 08:54 am (UTC)
Ouf, good. Glad he's not too Zuko-like. Those fire nation types tend to have the same frustrated attitudes sometimes.
I'm sure he's pretty happy he's not water bending too. Spirits know what he'd have done to himself if it had worked.
(Deleted comment)
Feb. 21st, 2008 08:57 am (UTC)
Zhao and ethics: he'll forget about it if it means winning the battle.
Ha ha, now that you mention it, Zuko has a very poor sense of humour. Even when he tries.
There's two different spellings only to give the sense of a different intensity in the shout. I tend to pronouce them differently, depending where the H is.
Maybe it's just me :B
Feb. 21st, 2008 12:37 pm (UTC)
Doesn't feel like Zuko, no. Understandable frustration! And the waterbending try... HEE! (Now that would be an AU of an AU...) It's actually pretty sensible! He had something weird happen with ice. What if.... I love how you have the moon showing behind him, there. Push-pull and all that.

*hugs you and hopes that the stress is going down*
Feb. 21st, 2008 04:14 pm (UTC)
Zhao's pretty sure now the spirits have messed up with him, more than just his memory. He's never going to voice these fears out loud, not even to Iroh. As long as he doesn't waterbend, he'll stay sane...sane-ish.
(Deleted comment)
Feb. 21st, 2008 04:36 pm (UTC)
Expect more new material, as a good portion of the end of part 2 needs a facelift. Woo! More work for me.
Feb. 21st, 2008 04:31 pm (UTC)
aaaahhhhh... I'm really going to look for the first pages and start reading this from the beginning. I don't know anything about Avatar, but this comic looks so interesting :D.
Feb. 21st, 2008 04:38 pm (UTC)
Just might turn you into an avatard yet, hee hee.
First pages are easily found on Deviant Art, at the NoSelfControl club. It gives a bit more of the history of the character too.
Feb. 21st, 2008 04:42 pm (UTC)
*snicker* Testing the waterbending.

The idea of Zhao prancing around, growling, is adorable! ^^ That part had me in stitches (though Zhao would not have appreciated my levity)/
Feb. 21st, 2008 05:08 pm (UTC)
Zhao would not have called it prancing- and yeah, you'd be in trouble if he heard you say that XD
Feb. 21st, 2008 05:12 pm (UTC)
XD It was still cute. Zhao growling like a puppy.
Feb. 21st, 2008 06:03 pm (UTC)
I really like that moment where he tries to waterbend. (Plus he is mad sexy in that pose! Waterbenders should try their forms without shirts on, imo!! Mmmm.)

You do a very good job keeping Zhao himself even when everything about him seems to have changed.
Feb. 21st, 2008 06:04 pm (UTC)
Oh! And I can just imagine the spirit of the ocean beating its head against a wall...

Ocean: I TRIED to change him, give him another chance, but LOOK! He's RIGHT BACK WHERE HE STARTED! Augh.

Moon: *sigh* You of all people should know that there are something that run too deep to be changed.
Feb. 21st, 2008 06:34 pm (UTC)
Yue is too polite to say "I told you so!"...but she's right.
Feb. 21st, 2008 06:34 pm (UTC)
Most Waterbenders would refuse- there are certain types of frostbites they don't want to get.
And keeping Zhao himself is hard- hope you guys will yell at me if I ever go off track.
Feb. 21st, 2008 08:08 pm (UTC)
Zhao better hope no one saw him trying to do that. He could get mocked for life. XD

Also, in comparing him to Zuko, I think that the main thing that keeps him from feeling Zuko-ish is that he isn't blaming anything/one for it, just focusing trying to solve the problem, not the cause (I think he might subconsciously realize that the cause is something he might not want to mess with....again. XD ). He DOES get frustrated about it, but then tries to think of another solution rather than throwing a fit. At least, that is how I am reading it.
Feb. 21st, 2008 10:11 pm (UTC)
He wouldn't get mocked for life, he'd arranged for all the witnesses to...disappear.
Yay, you're reading it the way I was hoping it would.
Feb. 21st, 2008 11:56 pm (UTC)
Omigosh, that last page--!! That's so strangely sweet and peaceful for Zhao. I love it.

This part adds so much more to his feelings and characterization. I'm so glad you added it in!
Feb. 22nd, 2008 12:16 am (UTC)
Peaceful doesn't happen a lot in his life- and mostly when he's alone.
Thank you, glad the new pages work. Have to make the next batch of new pages work.
Feb. 21st, 2008 11:59 pm (UTC)
The way you handle his personality is really interesting, and seems very convincing as well. The water bit is a great addition; the pacing and mood of that sequence is beautiful, and it works so well in this story.
Feb. 22nd, 2008 12:19 am (UTC)
I just hope I'm not mangling his personality too much.
And I know I keep saying it, but working backwards and adding bits that you realise will work good with stuff happening later on has been a learning experience.
Feb. 22nd, 2008 12:18 am (UTC)
I *like* the little touch with Zhao looking at the moon and trying waterbending, wondering if maybe, just maybe, it might work. I think it's neat that in the heart of the Fire Nation, taking part in joining one of their national institutions - the Fire Nation Navy - he still feels the draw to the Water Tribe. It's an especially nice touch because of the later pages that show Zhao did come to a more Water Tribe-based religious view in his time with the tribe.
Feb. 22nd, 2008 12:41 am (UTC)
He was partly afraid it *might* work. What if the spirits had messed up more than just his memory?
No matter what he tries, he's been thoroughly "corrupted" by the Water Tribe ways.
Feb. 22nd, 2008 02:28 am (UTC)
Wonderful addition! Such a small but great moment in Zhao's turbulent life.

I particularly love how he "calms" himself before attempting to waterbend. XD The stillness of those silent panels compared to the agitated frames and the aggressive moves of firebending are just wonderful to see. Pretty much two sides of himself manifested visually!
Feb. 22nd, 2008 02:53 am (UTC)
Perhaps, just perhaps, he's learned a tiny itsy bit of control. Not much, but better than before.
Water Tribe corrupted I say!
Feb. 24th, 2008 08:26 am (UTC)
Transferred is supposed to have has two 'r's.
Feb. 24th, 2008 08:04 pm (UTC)
Good catch!
I'll have to fix that on the DA pages. Thank you!
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