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Wednesday, February 20th

Still not finished with the board (almoooost there), and I already got the new script. Augh! Tomorrow, recording of the voices, friday a quick meeting.
I can finish this. Soon. Soonish.

Would you believe that drawing the Water Tribe pages is a form of stress relief? It feels like it anyway.

Starting some big reworks for part 2-

I'm not quite sure if I've handled this new part too well- I don't want to turn Zhao into...Zuko (he'd never forgive me!).
But I did want to focus a bit more on how his firebending is dormant. It does influence a lot how the rest of the story unfolds.
Talking of dormant, I should go and get some rest now.
I'll be working on the cover for the mini comic in the next few days- formatting the pages, etc...I'll update again afterwards.
Tags: water tribe, zhao
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