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Too much fun for my own good.

As I keep doing these thumbnail pages for the Avatar Alternate History, I find myself forgetting how to draw the original characters properly on model! Oups. That could be troublesome at some point.
So I'm trying to concentrate on work. This is a week of cleanup with deadlines, and the muses keep throwing big huge concrete slabs of ideas at my head, making it cave in. That %$% alternate history universe is taking way too much space, and entertaining me too much. 
But oh, to tell what happened to Toph and her parents, to show the fight between Zuko and Jet, to show Aang being shocked by this violent adult world.
HEY! Focus on work I said!!
So I'm cleaning up, and suddenly will take a white sheet of paper and doodling another idea before it disappears. If I don't get to tell all the stories, I'll have to post these doodles with annotated notes to them.
Ok, returning back to work for real. In the meantime, posting the new pages. Those of you on DA will have seen them already, so...yeah! Repeating myself. 

Tags: avatar the last airbender
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