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More reworked Water Tribe pages

Nothing much happened this weekend- got three new books:
The Search for the Last undiscovered Animals by Karl P.N. Shuker. He has a regular forum in the magazine Fortean Times, plus the book was on special.
The Little Ice Age. How much of the world was colder for about 500 years between 1300 and 1800 give or take, and how it affected history.
The Worst Journey In The World- the retelling of Scott's expedition to the South Pole and how everything went wrong- as retold by one survivor.

And some Water Tribe stuff- reworks of part 2.
I swear, all I do these days is fix Zhao's receding hairline...making sure it recedes even more XD.

What is going to be fun is I'll get to add new pages soon - got to spend a tiny bit more time with Zhao's return in the army. Just a few extra pages, but at least it will better that just quickly browsing over. Got one extra scene clear in my mind, and it will hook up with something that we've seen in part 3. Eh, that's what is fun about working backwards. I guess I've said that quite a few times, right?
Plus, I get to introduce the conspirating officers a bit more too.
So...I may not do much, but I do keep busy.
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