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More Water Tribe tweaks

Tweaked and cleaned these pages while watching 300- some beautiful scenes, yummy men, but the story was...meh. It was definitely an eye candy film but low brain nourishment. It's fine, we need those once in a while.

Anyway- just some page polishing- no new added pages.

I'm slowly approaching a point where I won't need to tweak the pages- yesh! In fact, I'm slowly starting to cannibalize some of the old panels and adding elements or whole frames in the new pages.
But there will be new added pages- I need to add more "meat", especially during the time Zhao spends training, plus with those officers that are trying to finish him. Ah, what a bit of back tracking can do...

Next, a bit more of part 4. It's a nice change of pace to do new material :)
Tags: water tribe, zhao
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