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Just trying to prettify panels.

Yesterday on the news, saw an old colleague and acquaintance at the Angouleme festival in France, promoting his excellent book "Les Nombrils" (which he co-created with his girlfriend). Really happy that they got there and made it big.
Made me also wonder where I want to go next, career wise. Doing more comic stuff would be great, but I also love animation and working with other people in a studio on a common project. I guess it could also work with comics...

Anyway- part 2 revisions. Not much new, just one page added for better flow, some text editing.

Due to lack of space, I may soon have to destroy any old entries having to do with the first version (part one) of Water Tribe. If I keep uploading images at this pace...
I think next will be pages for part four. I may jump back and forth like that, for the fun of it.
Tags: angouleme, water tribe, zhao
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