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Same old, same old.

Not much new, 'cause my life is booooring.
But meh, ain't complaining. I'm getting old, what can I say.
Had two great dinners with friends last week, one on friday that involved too much wine. I probably made a total fool of myself, but at least I'm a happy drunk, not an angry one.
Also saw Cloverfield on Saturday, which filled in my needed dose of disaster movie.
Talking of disaster movies- I'm off to go and watch the program on the history channel about what would be left of the world without humans.

More reworked Water Tribe pages below the cut. Not much new material.

Started part two a bit slower. Will not add too much of Zhao going around the city. Will probably add a page when he arrives to his father's house.
More pages added after that will be during his return to the army- more training and stuff. Also, a bit more conspiration happening.

Part four is also building up in the back of my brain. I'm starting to take more notes and doodling an image idea or two. Looks like there will be some heavy talking sections in there, but if I can make it to the big action sequence and give it justice, watch out! Should be fun.
Little spoilery image for part 4. May or may not happen quite like this.

spoiler 01
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