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For your review...again

Weather is kind of iffy here- not as bad as in North California, and not as rainy as some other places, but when it pours, it pours! Was hoping to go to work this afternoon, but I think I'll draw here instead, scan in the drawings and just bring those at work tomorrow.

Let's see how much actual work I can do beside the usual Water Tribe Madness.

Tried to prettify the panels, changed some dialogues and I may have stumbled here and there with that. Keep a sharp eye out people! Suggestions always welcome.

I am being oh-so tempted to go to the New York convention in April. Flight Explorer will just have been out (I have another egyptian cat story in it), and Random House is supposed to have a table.
Remember how I've been toying with the idea of doing a mini comic out of Water Tribe? Well, that convention would be perfect to bring that along as a goodie to give people (can't sell 'em, it's not my universe). Looks like this version of the first part will click in at about 51-52 pages. If I want to bring it to a nice round 64 pages, I'm going to need more material.
That's where I was thinking of doing a small gallery section, with guest art. I'd have about ten spots to fill, maybe a bit more if I put two illustration per pages. Could be anything Water Tribe related: Zhao, other characters, environments, beasties, even the main Avatar cast. I mean, they must be out there doing stuff while Zhao is having fun being miserable, right?
The deadline would be the end of February. The final page size is 5,5"X8,5". All art must be scanned in at a minimum of 300 DPI. I'll resize it as need be to fit in the page. Also, no colors, just B&W and grey tones. I'm not THAT rich to copy the thing in colors!
The only way I can thank people for that is to give 10 free copies, maybe more. I'll see how it goes. You'll be credited, of course!
Some of you (thank you oh generously nice people) have already given me some very nice Water Tribe sketchies. If you'd like to submit these, they'd be welcome.
I'll also have to ask help around for the final layout in PDF or InDesign, since I usually gave that job to others. Boooh me! I didn't really have those programs so I never learned.

Just pimping other people's work:

The very talented Kean Soo and Kazu Kibuishi will be in Toronto February 5th, at the Toronto Public Library, to talk about their books: Jellaby (Kean Soo) and Amulet (Kazu Kibuishi).
Jellaby will be out that day, and Amulet is already available in bookstores. Go hunt it down! It is an awesome story with even more mindblowing art.

And Avatar episode 313 played in Canada- the first episode I worked on. I'll wait until it has aired in the states before posting anything about it.
Tags: amulet, jellaby, nycc, water tribe, zhao
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